Monday, January 11, 2010

San Francisco Bureau, Princeton Jetty o1.o9.1o

That one year, it must have been 1998, or was it the beginning of '99? Anyhow, I am working at the TV studio, Wifey at the fashion place, we hear the contest was on and we both ditch work and drive down in our jalopy '72 Volvo sedan, or maybe it was the Golf? Either way, we stop at Taco Bell for bean burritos near Pacifica somewhere, or maybe it was Daly City? Wherever, we make it down to Half Moon in record time and find a lucky good parking spot, planting ourselves up on the bluffs. Lots of big name people were about. Lots of excitement. I still recall that day fondly. Mostly because Wifey unexpectedly sprung our trap. Full of surprises, that one. To this day.

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Robert said...

Toddy--must have just missed you... surfed from SC to Bolinas for the last month, and just got back. What are we doing here? Your latest vid sums it up. It is truly cold turkey time, and I am the turkey.

Bobby L.