Monday, April 19, 2010

Is that niggling desire to belong an outside instigation, imposed, and gingerly accepted as the case may be, by some nefarious exterior force? Are we simply, on this level as proved on so many others, the guinea pig of society? Or, does this belonging have more to do with the interior sense of guilt, pointing not to a desire to be part of the culture, rather to knowledge of an action we know we must. I am cynical. I admit it. When it comes to feeling inadequate I tend to look darkly upon our intentions. I'll reckon it is the former then the latter, all in pursuit of a relational harmony we crave. Even so, even so, I'll let myself believe that the gnawing knowledge that I don't do quite enough to belong doesn't amount to anything other than a truly enlightened approach to taking things as they come. Suffice to say, sometimes the oddest things remind me of what's out there.

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