Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mexico Diaries Part Dos

John arrived six days after Antonio, four days after Chris and I and one day after Chad, Dave and Jared, immediately sequestering himself into the room near the pool, reading a book.  This was only the second time I'd met John and it said something.  But not to me.  I was having too good of a time drinking beer and surfing and eating beans and not reading books (of which I brought three) (of which none were read) to listen to anything else.  During the trip, I noticed that John walks very perpendicular to the ground.  His is a regal stature almost, back straight.  Whereas my son's feet and hands flop when he runs, a little neither here nor there, gangling yet compact, I imagine John's progeny to have a sort of giraffe-like quality to their running gait; head erect, chin up, determined.  His surfing has the same quality.  Strong, precise and intelligently discerning of circumstance.

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