Friday, August 27, 2010

"You've been blogging your goddam brains out dude." -Angus Gustav Wilson Rhombus III

It's true.  I've been on a roll.  And Antonio hasn't even been around to witness the carnage.  He's been out there.  So the season has begun early.  That is, the season of swell which coincides inconveniently with the season of commercial editing.  It is the hoary and bestial fact of the Nueva York surfing life that as the light gets less, the swell gets more and the work piles on.  Doesn't anybody in New York advertising surf?  So, stuck in a hotel room for an all-night edit-while-they-shoot scenario, after spending the day in my office for an all day edit-after-they-shoot scenario, I'll hop on the first bus, or train or in whoever's car is heading east as soon as we wrap.  In the mean time, it's always good to peruse the niceness of a few handsome young people living the seemingly care free life of logging the Best Coast.  Just stumbled over this blog thanks to this place, and the chummy good times makes the wait for tomorrow's dead-tired afternoon wave riding seem just palatable enough. Great photos, big smiles.

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