Thursday, January 6, 2011

Vaquero De Las DMV

Recently I've been in my own legal limbo. That is, my surfing life, so vibrant and joyful on vacation was in serious turmoil back home. Thanks to a recent change in inspection stickers divvied out by the stately types, the car has been out an inspection certificate for the better part of a while. Unable to find an inspector that were still carrying the old stickers while the new stickers weren't on the way until the first of the year, we had to sweat out a pile of possibly pending tickets, leaving the heap near the sidewalk while away in California. Just then, a magical thing happened: snow storm. The car were covered for the whole half-month while the meter maids supped the haughty chocolates. Upon return, I simply dusted off the vehicle, took it over to the guy with the cool accent and enjoyed the fruits of a little automobile luck, not something usually procured. And so with this return to normalcy I am smacked in the face with two equally exciting developments: the new wettie mentioned below, and a brand new slider suddenly on the way. When it rains it pours.

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