Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Ah, Winter.

Two Alternative Scenarios: 1. Wake up long before dawn, drive 30-45 minutes to the beach before sunrise, take the requisite ten minutes to fit into your 6mil suit, haul your board off the car, paddle out to the break as a hopefully hazy sun fuzzes through the grey clouds, check your watch after three minutes in the water, paddle in, take the requisite twenty minutes to pry yourself out of your 6mil wetsuit, stress out through an hour and fifteen minutes of traffic to get home just in time for your wife and child to give you the evil eye as you rush your boy to school, late again. 2. Wake up long before dawn, look down at your crappy two-wheel-drive 1993 toyotondabishi piece of junk covered in a six foot high snow drift thanks to the snow plow, go back to sleep.


edvard padilla said...

hey guys,

i kinda feel dickish. i totally forgot to hit y'all up while i was in nueva jork. sorry. next time, for sure.

EditorialBoard said...

Ah, that's ok. You prolly woulda received the "long blank stare" of a couple guys chained to their editing vehicles for too long anyhow.

Next time, you'd better stop by.

capcha: "clums"