Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Post Memorial Day

The official beginning of Summer things.  Like barbecues.  And cookouts.  And picnics.  And mosquitos.  And sunburns.  And seeing photos of yourself in the water that make you realize how truly awful you've become over a winter of semi-hibernation.  Or a lifetime.

One list of things is for sure:
1. Good surfers make bad waves look fun.
1.1. Mediocre surfers make ok waves look tedious.
2. Great surfers don't necessarily have to be good surfers.
3. Acclaimed surfers often disappoint.

And there is another list of adages one should keep in mind:
A) One hour of practice is worth a thousand hours of theory, but if you could actually accumulate one thousand hours of theory I'll buy you dinner just to pick your brain.
B) The best surfer in the water is the one having the best time, but sometimes it's hard to tell: people are real good at pretending like they are having the time of their life.
C) You can lead someone to water, but if the horse doesn't have any respect, it'll poo in your soup.

In my own recent accumulation of theory versus practice, I've managed to come up with a set of moves one might file under "DirgeDanderFiasco."  Observe:

(Other radical maneuvers contemplated but as of yet perfected: The Pig Fog, The Hark! Forsooth! and The I Pooped My Pants.)


justin said...

there's poo in my soup :(

EditorialBoard said...

I should add that Michael Rovnyak made the best of an obviously bad situation. He is a beach-side gem.