Friday, June 29, 2012

The Bad Idea (or) Two Thirtysomething Teenagers In Deep Discussion

This sort of thing falls directly into that sort of bad-idea meme I usually get a kick out of despite myself.  But this morning welcomed a lightning storm of epic proportions (to me anyhow.) If you were lucky enough, or unlucky enough, to be up this early doing whatever it is you had to do this early this morning, you would have been treated to something electric.  And if you happened to be on the right frequencies, you would have over-read a very goofy conversation between two old guys sounding vaguely like kids of a more youthful vintage.  The magic of texting.


freddibetts said...

Hey Guys, went out at 92nd street rockaway, saw the lighting far out in the ocean. You shoulda waken up. Clean waist sets rolling through.

EditorialBoard said...

Oh man, we are sissies.

tjbreuer said...

Got down to LB at 8ish with Jeremy. Looked like crap. Drove and checked almost every spot from there to Moses. Nothing. Stopped by my shop, grabbed a new 6'0 China Fish Quad. Went back down to Lb and it started to work for an hour or so. Then the tide got on it. More surf tomorrow!