Sunday, July 29, 2012

Today's Thought

Every morning I make the decision to forgo the drive out to the beach is a morning of excruciating contemplation.  Well, that may be hyperbole, but I do think about the consequences of that decision perhaps more closely than I ponder the consequences of other decision in my life. Last night as I fell asleep to the insistently insipid babble of the broadcast pundits covering the Olympics, I realized that with such a big day of work ahead of me tomorrow (today) I needed to put in a full night's slumber.  So this morning, instead of the 4am surf wake up, I opted for the 7am soccer wake up.  Driving to the field I pass this scene, and am instantly shaken.  The whole thing leads to questions of mortality, old age, the preciousness of time and all that junk.  And so it is with no small wonder, or rather, with some small wonder, that I am confronted with these two items today.  One, from my favorite radio show On Being, a piece titled The Far Shore Of Aging.  Engaging and worth the listen. The other, from the BBC via Mr. Mick Sowry, called Would You Want To Live Forever. Ah the eery zeitgeist of it all.

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Anonymous said...

Well truth be told there wasn't much of a wave today- and if there was- those folks would have regretted the boards they brought to the beach. I know what you mean about that regret of not going, and sitting thru the work day saying "why- why"?