Monday, July 16, 2012

Notes From a Surf Holiday

On Saturday night we returned from gentle Pacific waves lapping the North County coastline to the furnace that is reflected heat off Brooklyn pavement. To try and soften the blow, we planned a Gilgo Sunday.  Of course we slept in late.  Of course the waves were mush bog chop gunk.  Of course our car doesn't have AC.  Hard landing indeed.  But all is well.  There are no bad waves.  A few years ago I wrote something designed for Kurungabaa that actually never made it to Kurungabaa. If you haven't read through their archive of original writings by a host of talented writers of different temperaments, it's is fully worth the perusal.  Anyhow, Noah Sabich was kind enough to publish "Notes" there recently, doing the piece a great favor in realizing actual from potential.

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