Thursday, November 8, 2012

Waves4Water Sandy Fundraiser

Friday night the neighborhood good times epicenter Zebulon has opened its doors to Waves4Water and their Sandy Relief effort.  There will be recommended donation happening at the door and great times happening inside.  More info to follow, but stop by, have a drink, dance and support this cause and an organization where 100% goes to a long term, locally energized effort to aid the coastal people in New York and New Jersey in rebuilding their lives and to stay warm and dry in the coming winter.

If you can, please stop by Picture Farm beforehand and dop off a warm blanket or some some medical supplies like fever reducers.  There are a lot of sick people out in Long Beach and Rockaway who are only getting colder and sicker. 

Meet at Pilgrim and book a seat to Long Beach and there are many in need.  

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