Thursday, February 28, 2013

Another Oldie

There is this moment in our digital age when our harddrives fail and our dreams are crushed. We being the stupid, slow moving "first adopters" of wholesale commitment of our lives to little spinny flashy discs that seemed so imperturbable, so indestructible in their digital one and zero intangible state.  How could something be gone that wasn't there?  How could you have put so much faith in something that wasn't there in the first place?  What is this cognitive double bind dissonant ringing in my ears?  And then some youngster skips along and says "Oh! you want that stuff back?  Lickety split!" And Bob's yer uncle.  Here is an old one that has magically popped back into existence thanks to one such young buck with a spangly doohicky that has retrieved at least some of my old dreams. Reminds me of the weather these last few days in New York. Made back when I used to carry around one of those digital point and shoot cameras that only filmed cruddy video in 30 second clips. Back when that was the new fangled thing. It all seems so quaint now.

Another in this genre here.

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