Thursday, August 15, 2013

To the billyburg bike boy(or girl) who stole my bike seat last night

You are a special kind of ass because you know how disruptive your actions are but you don't care. You would have to ride a bike to know which seat to steal yet you still think you're cool
You are probably kill puppies for fun.


dickie said...

What wankers, you know some people think bike theft is low impact in the grand scheme of things, but this still doesn't make anymore acceptable.

Especially if the next thing this fucker thinks he/she can steal is someone wheel, which means that person can't get to work and then they get fired, due to this thieving c*nt casually stealing bike parts worth a few dollars.

Sorry man, if I lived near you (or even in the same country) I'd give you a spare seat I have.

EditorialBoard said...

Oh man, there is something so offensive about someone screwing with a bicycle.

How was your ride home Antonio?

the other gustav said...

My legs are sore two days later.