Friday, November 22, 2013

Expatriot Appreciation Month at Picture Farm Gallery

Every year we talk about the "big decision." Do we go back for Thanksgiving and Christmas? Do we spend all those air miles? In generally we opt for the double, California and family being too tantalizing a prospect for weary souls. We've made the other decisions before... sometimes taking a turkey trip to the best coast, sometimes only opting for watching the new year's sun set rather than rise. This year we're sticking around for the former, heading out for the latter. All this means for you, dear reader, is less of the traditional late November sunny surfside shots you might be accustomed to here at the EBNY No-Surf Blog, and a brand new opportunity for social disaster should you be in town, without family and in need of some love. On Friday November 29th, Picture Farm Gallery will be hosting a day-after-bring-your-own-leftovers-wine-and-beer art talk dance party singalong. After pulling yourself, giddy and trembling, out of those perfect post turkey day waves, pack up the uneaten bits and bring them over and lets sit around the enormous table in the middle of the gallery and talk. Or come by a little later for a little dancing. Maybe you'll find that winter warmth you've been looking for, or simply need.

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