Friday, January 3, 2014

The Crystal Ball Refuteth Not The Unnerring Attempt Upon The Cowed And Slowly Molecules The Saline Addled Merfolk.

There was a myth I created for myself a long time ago, probably borne of being something of a self-induced outcast, a myth many outcasts everywhere no doubt concoct to protect their beaten egos from further self-induced abuse, that I was smarter than most. This has been one of the more intractable of personal legends, stubbornly refuting all empirically obvious claims to the opposite account until relatively, embarrassingly, lately. Not that I have in the past handful of years deduced that I am in fact stupid. Rather that I am more quickly adept at conniving my way out of the trouble I create through my own ignorance than certain others. That being said, the tall tales I tell are often mental midgets, trotting along on stubby allegorical legs, destined for a depleted destination in the annals of other's minds. That being furthermore stated, I'll say there are dumber things to do.

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