Sunday, November 2, 2014

Sunday Styles

New York has always been the greedy melting pot, scouring the high brow and low brow then throwing the resulting cull into a mash for inspiration. Lately however, it seems the city has hit upon a new source of creative juice: the middle brow. This descent, mirroring roughly the ascendency of a broader cultural surf lifestyle fetishistic hagiography, has hit many as, well, unfortunate.  

As quoted from the "Vows" section of the "Wedding" section in the "Style" section:

The artist Steve Miller’s Snake on White, a swallowtail dual-fin surfboard that he has hand-painted, is a piece of art that can lean against a wall or be hung on one — out of season — and be pressed into service when the surf beckons; $5,000 from the Longhouse Reserve INstore, 631-329-3568.

And then there's this... 

It's Taylor Swift's City Now

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