Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Today's Thought

While I try to keep these impulses to myself generally, I guess I fall into that category of unthinkers who cringe instinctually at most things not-quite-surfing-wishing-they-were-surfing. I know it's unfair and more than a bit stupid, but I have to come clean. And Kite Surfing? When I see them having fun off in the distance, a far distance, from a surf break, I can appreciate it for what it is. The problem is generally that Kite Surfers, or the ones I bump into on the beach, are typically know-nothings about beach safety and all those whinging wires and cables can really take a child's head off. Or at least give someone enough of a scare. It all just falls into the slow diminishing understanding of etiquette and respect the grumpos are always finding out there. And here I own up as well to being a grumpo.

But this guy? He can do what he likes.

Via the incredible Huck Magazine.

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