Saturday, May 7, 2016

This Week In Not Surfing

1. It used to be that we knew nothing of each other's lives for extended periods of time. The stories stewing in the between grew a pungency, the books of heroes written in literarily heroics flying off the shelves by dint of sheer novelty alone. It demanded a readership. It demanded an ear. It demanded tales that would dip and divulge with humor and prose. But now what have I to tell you? I didn't surf in the last two weeks? I am at work today? Next week I will co-host a surf design symposium? Yes. Now I've told you. What's left?

2. I recently spent time in Washington DC where I saw more men smoking cigars than I can remember seeing outside a bachelor party.

3. There is an innate laziness in a life lived upon the crest of imperative.

4. "Manic Monday," that Bangles gem, released a bit over 30 years ago introduced me to  the still startling realization that Sunday can be magical.

5. Tomorrow is Mother's Day. I am typically unprepared.

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