Tuesday, August 30, 2016

This Week In Not Surfing

1. I'm pretty sure my fascination with hands and the odd shapes they make all started with watching my immediately older brother eat nachos.

2. Along these lines, I'm pretty sure my unshakeable suspicion (read: neurosis) that no one actually wants me around also has its genesis in my immediately older brother.

3. After a couple years of serious failure in college, the administration allowed me to create my own major, a combination of anthropology, history, classical philosophy and comparative religions, creating a nearly straight A student overnight. While this is a true story, it is also true that I opted to write my final thesis on Hegel not Heidegger, an admitted misstep.

4. "We are, as Dan Ashcroft put it in Nathan Barley, oblivious to the paradox of our uniform individuality." -Rob Smythe

5. Today I leave for a vacation in a relatively swelless corner of the Iberian peninsula on the same day the swell season is seemingly ramping up here at home. Classic stuff. Go surf. Please imagine I'm there hooting you in to a couple fluffy ones.

1 comment:

kelvin freely said...

it dawned on me while reading this post that waters without swells could actually merit the ultra rare--perhaps never before used--triple "L" as in SWELLLESS

I understand your choice to go double "L"

but really, how often does the chance arise to use three in a row?