Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Ty Breuer Gets A Deserved Moment

"There are few more passionate and prodigally involved characters in New York City’s surf community than Tyler Breuer. A writer, producer, filmmaker, event manager, and activist, Tyler has played a role in shaping local surf culture his whole life."

So starts Whalebone/Ice Cream Headaches piece on China Ty. He may be the most influential surfy person in the New York area by virtue of sheer stoke output and depth of local knowledge, not to mention a rabidly earnest desire for sensible inclusion and the pedagogy of traditional surfy core values. He is certainly one of the "Walking Archives of the Sport" a title that can only really be boasted by a select few. Ed Thompson and Julien Roubinet have put themselves on an interesting path documenting local surfers in print and copy. Ty is as deserving as any for the spotlight.

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