Friday, January 6, 2017

History Of Surfing

Matt (or as I like to call him intimately, Matty, or sometimes The Big Mattismo) and I've had a couple back and forths in the "comment & reply" section on Facebook, which basically means we're super tight. I'd say, you know, I reckon, we were approaching best friend category. And then he pulls one of these on me, you know, this History of Surfing website crap. It's a total ripoff. What does he think I'm doing over here, sitting on my hands? Well, to borrow a phrase, I'll just lay claim to EBNY as the Living History of Surfing. Anyhow, I guess his version is alright. I'm not sure where this leaves us in the circle and stuff, but I'll let it slide, forgive the pun.

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