Tuesday, August 31, 2010

More Danielle

Antonio's Morning View, fresh off the digital press.

The preceding three images of Danielle culled from a reputable surf forecasting site:
1. "Beaner" in New Jersey    2. "Jeff Arthur" in New Jersey  3. "OCSupernut" in Maryland


Jeff DiNunzio said...

lovely photos. the first one--Antonio's morning view--makes me salivate. was closing out in NJ sunday, but got some nice ones in NY monday a.m., even a brief head high cover up resulting in a HUGE smile.

hope you're getting yours, brother.

toddy said...

Actually, I am dying a slow death at the hands of Jessica Alba. But that's another story. I bet Antonio, I hope Antonio, is doing better than me, as he is actually editing out in Eastern LI, but I hope to luck into something clean & big by this weekend.

Any photos you'd want to pass on?