Sunday, June 24, 2012

Forward Thinking

"How's the Style on this one? Retro throwback or regressively progressive?"

 Somehow Deus Ex Machina has become a constant font of surfy media. SMASH is a similar font of surfy media, in a completely dissimilar fashion. Anyhow, that's where we got this. SMASH, that is. And Deus Ex Machina, of course.


Mr. Lentini said...

I see it as this..its good surfing period..not sure why people have a problem with calling things retro and what not..a bottom turn on a singlefin to me doesnt go out of style just as dark blue levis and a white tshirt doesnt go out of style regardless of what year it is..somethings are just timeless period

Freaky Born Wings said...

Man, I don't know but that's some great style.