Monday, June 25, 2012

Monday is the Second Day of the Week

Remember skorts? They were those awful half-skirt, half-short numbers that were all the rage with a certain female demographic in the mid-Nineties. They were a scourge. You'd see a girl walking down the street with a real hot skirt on, then they'd pass by, revealing a dowdy bum in shorts. Awful. I've been seeing something reminiscent recently. A very short opaque skirt that has a long, gossamer sheath fitted over it. The see-through part reaches the ankles, whereas the non-see-through bit only gets to mid thigh. You see some ankles and knees and then CLANG, you're eyes hit this wall of fabric. Frankly, it's dishonest. This is an apt summary of a lot of surf videos I see on the web.  Man, that still-frame looks great! And the beginning montage looks good!  And then CLANG you run into some bad music, or some standard surfing, or some all-too-perfect waves you've seen a thousand times but rarely actually get a chance to surf yourself.  Not this video.  Nope.  This is the anti-skort of surf videos.


Anonymous said...

je ta'aime you

Anonymous said...

sounds a bit middle eastern now yes?

Rebecca Olive said...

It's true! Not a skort in sight!

Note: When I was a teenage girl, I had to wear an ill-fitting, enormous skort thing as part of my uniform. Hideous. Criminal even. Ugh.